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About my journey...

I am wildly passionate about helping women ditching the “do more” mentality. I’m an ex-perfectionist (okay, still working on this one), overachieving (Dean’s List, Varsity Athlete, Business Owner at 19 years old, RN at age get the point), always busy, social butterfly kinda gal.


I never asked for help. I always looked outside to find fulfillment - do more and I will be happy. Achieve this and I will be happy. I quickly learnt that while this mentality served me for some time, it didn’t feel good. The more I ignored it, the more I put pressure on myself the more my body and soul fought back.


While I love helping people the reality was that I needed to take care of myself better. And not just the healthy eating, working out and drinking more water kind of stuff - the tough stuff. Pausing. Listening. Surrendering... 

Plant Drawing


I truly believe that until we find love for ourselves we will never be able to feel love back whether that comes in the form of a partner, monetary abundance or overall joy and fulfillment in life. Oftentimes we keep ourselves so busy to avoid the sometimes dark, sometimes lonely and definitely painful side of getting to know ourselves, why we are the way we are and most importantly what we really enjoy (not what we’re told to enjoy).


Through my personal experiences as a human, my professional background as a nurse specializing in women and infant’s health and a movement practitioner I approach self-care and wellness from a holistic lense. I believe humans have unique needs, cycles and evolutionary traits that can be uncovered to provide powerful guidance in developing a self-care practice.


Your soul is calling you, things you never knew you liked, paths you couldn’t anticipate travelling and people you are longing for await you…



Shoulder Pulses

the fun stuff


experience + expertise

BScN & Registered Nurse
Certified Barre Instructor & NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Prescription Self-Care Founder EST. 2017

Human Design Mentor

My journey certainly has not been the typical linear path I once imagined growing up. In 2014  I began my career as a Registered Nurse; since specializing in women and infants health through working in the areas of labour and delivery, antepartum and postpartum care as well as fertility and reproductive health. These experiences have been two fold: I have guided women through their most transformational moments of life - noticing over and over the weight that women hold on their shoulders and the struggles they face, most times alone. Secondly, my career has pushed my personal boundaries and tested my strength many times and continues to do so - self-care is a must to not just survive, but thrive.


I began hosting online self-care programs in 2017 after a calling that came to me during an injury that took me out of work for three months - Prescription Self-Care was born. Since, I have co-hosted two social media programs and a 7-part panel series showcasing the multifaceted world of self-care that I have come to learn through personal experiences and throughout my career.

Along this journey, movement became a large part of my self-care practice. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum navigating the world of physical health - from an exercise addict exercising six times a week to someone that now sees the value in just moving. In 2018, I became a Certified Barre Instructor through Barreworks in Toronto and in 2020 I obtained my NSCA Certified Personal Training. It’s a deep rooted passion of mine to help humans connect to their bodies through intentional movement.

A few years ago I stumbled into the world of Human Design but late 2020 I began studying to offer Human Design chart readings. I am currently still studying (and will be for many years, or forever, really) but have begun doing readings as of March 2021.

let's  grow together!

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