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Understanding Your Human Design Authority to Guide Decision Making

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Did you know contrary to popular belief not ALL humans should trust their gut? We've heard the saying time and time again, and firstly, what does that even mean? Secondly, what if our gut is not our primary decision making tool?

Human Design offers that there are actually seven different ways humans can be designed to make decisions and that following your authority will bring you into greater alignment. To find out your authority, generate your free Human Design chart by clicking here and return back to this page to find out what it means!

Whether you are just starting your journey or you have been experimenting with your design for a while now - following your strategy and authority of your design is by far the most powerful place to focus your energy. There are many layers of human design which oftentimes, can cause a lot of overwhelm. The good news is, when you are bringing awareness to your strategy and authority and practicing using the two of them in combination, you will naturally live out the rest of your design!

Authority reminds us to tap into our bodies rather than make decisions from our mind. Radical isn't it? Rarely, your authority will make sense, but the more you can deepen your trust with it and notice when your mind is trying to take over the process, the more ease you will experience. Simply put, get into your body.

The Seven Authorities

To note, you will only have one of these seven authorities. Your authority comes from your defined centres in your chart (the shapes which are either coloured or white) and holds a hierarchy. For example, everyone will a defined emotional solar plexus (far right triangle coloured) will have an emotional authority, as it is highest in the hierarchy and as you can see below, this is the most common authority. Below are brief descriptions of each authority and I just had to also include a GIF for each authority...happy learning!

  1. Emotional (~46%)

  2. Sacral (~35%)

  3. Splenic (11%)

  4. Ego (~1.5%)

  5. Self-Projected (~3%)

  6. Environmental (~2%)

  7. Lunar (~1.5%)

Emotional Authority

Almost half of the population are NOT designed to make spontaneous or instant decisions. Imagine that? This world is certainly not set-up to support those needing to take time. It's recommended that those with this authority at very least take a night's rest before making a big decision to allow time to check in with their emotions.

If you think of your emotions as a wave, it's recommended to not make any decisions being too high or low on the wave (too excited or too depressed). This authority does not offer perfect clarity in decision making, so it can be common to fear making a wrong decision. Know that the longer you are able to take to feel out your emotions (and yes, you will need to feel them!) the easier it will be. Instead of seeking 100% clarity, feel into a calm confidence when decision making which may only feel like 60-70% clarity.

Sacral Authority

The gut-response beings! Unlike emotional authority beings you do have the ability to make instant decisions and with precise clarity when following your authority. For you, this may feel like a loud response from the belly area coupled with a magnetic pull toward or repulsive push away from the decision or person.

You may also find yourself verbally making sounds (also known as sacral sounds) like uh-huh (aka yes) or nuh-uh (aka no). You're the HECK YEAH kind of energy which can be accessed at any moment in time in response to the external world around you. Seeking clarity? Have a friend as you yes or no questions to see how you respond! Remember to honour the no - it could be the wrong opportunity, the wrong time or both! When you begin to trust your sacral you will also trust it's timing.

Splenic Authority

Commonly we also hear the phrase "follow your intuition" - well friends with splenic authority...this is for you! You have access to a deeply animalistic instinct system from your spleen centre that is often very quick and quiet. Trusting the timing of your instinct to support your decision will be imperative as it can be easy to miss these intuitive hits. It may feel like goosebumps or a quiet nudge you feel internally that whispers "get out of here" when you enter a new environment. Build trust with the timing of these hits and know that they are here to guide you.

Ego Authority

You are meant to follow your heart and make decisions for you. These may seem selfish to others but when you know what you want you can go get it. This authority suggests you sit into your heart space and check in with your energy cycles - do you have the energy right now? If so, your superpower is the that you do not have to wait! You can take action when the energy is available. On the flip side, you can easily get stuck in the "on" position and experience burn out so it's important to honour your need for rest.

Self-Projected Authority

To help with decision making, you will need to talk it out, unfiltered, and with people you trust to support you. In doing so, you will be able to not only hear yourself talking but also will be able to see their responses which will help you get clarity. Remember, you are not seeking others opinions and or advice and do not have to follow any given to you. Notice your tone and energy when explaining the choices you have. It is sometimes helpful even, to record yourself speaking about your decisions if nobody is around to chat with so you can hear yourself speak about it!

Environmental aka Mental or Outer Authority

Much like self-projected authority, you will need to talk to others to help get clarity about your decisions - like a sound board! The important thing to note is because you have a lot of openness in your chart (many white shapes) your physical environment is very important to make the right decisions which also includes the people you share energy with! Your mind will want to try to reason and be logical, but it is important to get out of your own head, and share with others (ideally three people) and be in a place you love.

Lunar Authority

Finally, our dear reflectors and gems of the world - the only energy type that can possess a lunar authority. It is very important to connect with the lunar cycle and wait at least 28-29 days for a complete cycle to pass for big decisions. As the moon transits, there will be different energies to experience which can help illuminate the decision at hand. As reflectors have a completely open chart (all shapes white) environment is everything - you may want to talk it out with loved ones, visit places that bring you delight and or be alone! Remind yourself (and others!) to be patient during your unique decision making process.

Ready to learn more about this aspect of your Human Design chart? I have created the perfect workshop to do just that which includes lifetime access and a workbook to support yourself in exploring your unique intuition! Click here to explore this offering.

Or, if you feel called to 1:1 support I also offer one-on-one virtual readings to help you better understand your unique energetic blueprint and how to apply it to your life to supercharge your self-care routine and live an aligned and purposeful life! Hope to share energy with you soon!

With self-love,


3/5 Emotional Manifestor


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