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Hello curious human,

You've discovered the beautifully complex modality of Human Design, whether it be through a birth chart reading, a workshop, listening to a podcast or just doing your own research online. Maybe you began looking into your own chart, or the chart of loved ones (ps. you can generate them here for free!). It's exciting to first learn about Human Design, you feel connected to it and want to know all there is to know. But where to begin, and once you begin, where do you go next?


Human Design can be extremely overwhelming because there is SO much to discover! I get it, because I've been there too. When I first learned about Human Design in 2019 (read about my journey here) I really didn't realize how in-depth this system was or how impactful not only the knowledge, but actually using it in my life could be. It can be challenging to apply & embodying what you uncover. You may be asking, how do all the parts fit together? In order to digest the wisdom of this modality, it's often broken down into smaller parts, like pieces of an onion. But, the true magic is revealed when you can see yourself as already whole and complete & also very nuanced and unique!


To add, this work can be difficult to navigate especially when it involves experimenting with new practices, altering your decision making processes or caring for yourself in a new way. Human Design can have you really reassessing your entire life, creating new paths for your future and reflecting a lot on the past. And sometimes, this experience of unlearning who we are can be quite isolating.

This is how Collectively Designed came to be in 2021. This group program can to help you deepen your understanding of your Human Design, all while being supported by a community of others doing the same. Through it you will find compassion, clarity and understanding. Originally, this program began as a virtual offering, and for the first time ever it's available Fall 2023 as a in-person offering on Prince Edward Island! Plus, the program has been divided into a foundational (Level I) and advanced (Level II) offering - take part in one or both. Keep reading to learn more...

This  program is for you if:

  • You have a basic understanding of your Human Design but do not know how to apply it in your life

  • You are looking to enhance your self-care routine and discover tools to care for your unique needs

  • You want to connect with others of different charts & designs to learn their lived experience

  • You want to better understand how to communicate with others

  • You find it difficult to make decisions and want to learn how to make decisions with more ease

  • You are ready to deepen your understanding of your design and embody it fully

  • You have attended a workshop or had a 1:1 chart reading and want to explore your design further

  • You enjoy learning, sharing and or reflecting on concepts in a group environment

  • You support other humans and want to better understand their unique needs and expression

  • You are craving a supportive community that allows you to explore your inner world

Two program options:


In Each Program  Receive:

6 Weekly Sessions

90 minutes to learn, integrate & discuss experiences with others

Chart Exploration

Add-on a virtual 1:1 chart reading with Steff to help you integrate concepts

Virtual Workshops

Access to supplemental on-demand workshops to support your learning


Worksheets to help organize your learnings & develop a customized plan

Journal Prompts

Weekly journal prompts & self care tips to support your design

Email Support

Directly with Steff during office hours as needed throughout the program

Support Group

Private group to connect, receive resources & updates or ask questions

& More

Special offers to help you embrace your uniqueness for years to come

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From your facilitator, Steff

I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor put on this Earth to guide humans in their growth journey (but I also love gardening and spending time with my fur babies Brackley & Sally. ​I combine my experience as a Registered Nurse in Women's Health, training as a movement guide & passion for mental wellness into helping humans foster a deeper connection with themselves & the world around them. I believe self-care encompasses more than just movement and physical nourishment, but tending to the human needs of self-love, compassion for others & finding a supportive community. I look forward to growing alongside all of you in this special community program and can not wait to see what we create together.

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*NEW* Program Only: $273 + HST 

Program + Reading Package: $389 + HST (includes program PLUS a virtual one-on-one birth chart reading)


Early bird: $449 CAD + HST

This program includes a virtual one-on-one chart reading valued at $185 CAD to review your unique gates & channels.

early bird
Sept 5th
for both
save $100

The details:

Have a question not listed? Send an email here!

Member Feedback    - October 2021 Virtual Program:

"I loved learning Human Design in a layered onion approach. I liked how each week built on the next. The program flowed very well and I was always excited for the next week. I also learned so much about myself!"


"I enjoyed learning about Human Design in bit-sized chunks and in a way that was very specific to me. I liked that we are all different but could learn together in a way that helped us learn about ourselves and each other all at once!"

Kirsti  5/2 Emotional Projector

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One last note from Steff:

When beginning a journey of self-discovery, it can sometimes feel lonely. But it doesn't need to be. Community and group learning has been shown to improve feelings of belonging, boosts mental health, offers new perspectives & helps you find deeper compassion for others. When I began my journey into spirituality years ago, I felt alienated and like nobody else was doing something similar which is a big part of how this program came to be. I really feel we are better together and that self-care should include relationship building & fostering supportive communities in our life. So, if you have been longing for connectedness I invite you with open arms to join the Collectively Designed community. 

Still not sure if Collectively Designed is the right fit for you?

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