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Renew Your Spirit on Prince Edward Island

Moon to Sea

September 8th - 12th, 2022

We welcome you...

To a five-day mindfully curated experience under the Harvest Full Moon - a place to reconnect, renew and nourish your spirit as you indulge in the magic that the beautiful Prince Edward Island has to offer.

Are you...

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  • Spending a lot of time taking care of others, but struggling to find the time for yourself?

  • Craving a pause in your daily routine to allow yourself to unwind and recharge?

  • Feeling an urge to disconnect, immerse in nature and be free to explore new experiences?

  • Seeking community and meaningful connection with like minded humans in real life?

What would be possible if…

  • You could completely surrender to the support & guidance that you are being offered?

  • You made yourself your number one priority, especially when it felt difficult to do so?

  • You had the time and space to explore parts of yourself, desires & dreams you’ve been putting off?

  • You found clarity in areas of your life that have been weighing on your mind?

The truth is...

It can be so easy to get lost in it all - the hustle and bustle, the constantly saying YES to everyone but yourself and the feeling that you don’t even really know what you want or need.


Perhaps you have been feeling like you just want to drop everything, disconnect completely and escape but you feel so guilty because well, “it’s not that bad”...

We've been there too.

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