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Self-Care Workshops On-Demand

lifetime access to various virtual experiences
plus receive accompanying resources like workbooks, community groups & 1:1 support
Discover Your Unique Business Essence

Discover Your Unique Business Essence

[INCLUDES WORKBOOK + GROUP SUPPORT] More than ever, consumers are seeking relatable, authentic and meaningful connections to the businesses they interact with. The essence of your business as a service provider, is you. And within you, is a unique energetic blueprint coded at your birth. Understanding your blueprint can support you in stepping into your full expression in both your business, and in your life. Rather than being told what to do, or given another one-size-fits-all framework, this experience will guide you in discovering what unique gifts you are here to share with the world. This learning can be applied to various areas of your business such as: branding & marketing, decision making, structuring offers, attracting ideal clients & even supporting your clients to understand their own unique energetic expression. Whether you are just starting a business, or have years of experience, these insights can help you see areas to re-align to your design while also celebrating the courageous steps you have already taken. Take a much needed pause during this hectic final month of the year in this soft space to land alongside other entrepreneurs. You will receive: -a workbook to help integrate your knowledge -access to a group forum to ask questions and connect with other like minded entrepreneurs -lifetime access to the workshop -a special offer for 1:1 support Your guide, Steff Sullivan, has been an entrepreneur for 12+ years alongside her career as a Registered Nurse & Movement Guide. She owned and operated various types of businesses including: service based, events, & retreats, network marketing and most recently has entered the e-commerce space. Since she found Human Design in 2018, Steff has been experimenting with using this modality in all facets of her life. In 2021, she re-branded her business to Steff Sullivan Collective, a place for people to explore their unique needs and energy through Human Design & Self-Care. Steff is passionate about helping others foster self-acceptance and compassion and offers guidance to help humans come back home to themselves & create lives of deep authenticity.
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