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What is Human Design?

A system that combines various ancient principles from Western Astrology, Chinese I Ching, Indian Chakras & Judaic Kabbalah along with quantum science to create a synthesized, logical system that can be practically applied to life. Human Design is not a belief system or religion.

Since discovering Human Design and implementing it into my own life I have gained a stronger sense of purpose, inner peace & compassion for myself and others. Curious about my personal HD journey? Read about it here or begin learning about this magical modality in my new Introduction to Human Design workshop below...


I'm Steff, a 3/5
Emotional Manifestor!

Human Design & Self-Care

Your birth date, time and location is used to generate your "Body Graph" also known as your chart. Think of it like an energetic blueprint that can help you understand unique ways in which you are designed to move through life, experience other humans, make aligned decisions and care for yourself. Generate yours for free here!


It can help you feel seen in a world that tells you you're not enough and embrace your uniqueness while finding compassion for other beings.

If you feeling called to start your Human Design journey, I would be honoured to be your guide. Together, we can uncover what makes you special and help you understand unique ways to care for yourself or your business too!


listen to my podcast features to learn more:


Client Love

"My human design reading with Steff was such an insightful and enjoyable experience. She not only explained my human design chart in an easy to understand way, but also gave me great advice on how I could tailor my days to thrive based on my design. Her warm and friendly energy made the session such a delight! I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking to enrich their lives"

—  Ciara

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