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 Embodiment Experiment


a seven week one-on-one exploration of what makes you unique 

What more are you looking for?

  • More connection

  • More excitement

  • More ease

  • More meaning

  • More peace

  • More self-trust

  • More compassion


Each human on this earth has a very unique energetic blueprint coded at the time of their birth, according to Human DesignWithin this blueprint, are clues that suggest how you can best use your energy to: build relationships & communicate, care for yourself,  make aligned decisions and honour your strengths & more. This learning also can help you uncover where you may be prone to the influence or energy of others & where boundary setting can be supportive, what may take you out of alignment and areas you may be resisting your full expression. Human Design can offer you more of all of any and all of the above when learned, but most importantly, when embodied and experimented with. Welcome to The Embodiment Experiment.

  • More depth​

  • More understanding

  • More clarity

  • More satisfaction

  • More recognition

  • More energy

  • More _____________

Have you ever felt like you live in your mind?

When making decisions do you ever experience your head & your heart feeling separate? 

How embodiment can help...

A key Human Design concept is that the mind is designed to be used for thinking, analyzing, conceptualizing, processing but it's not meant to make decisions. For many, this is not the usual way of expending's no wonder we feel exhausted & out of touch with ourselves. The mind has its role confused, it is trying to lead us, when the body is truly our guide.


In this context, embodiment can be understood as taking a concept or piece of knowledge and exploring our lived experience of it - asking how does it feel instead how do we think about it. For example, you may know what the word satisfaction means as we have conceptualized this through language, but do you know how it feels? Together, we bring the knowledge you learn from the mind and into the body.

It's said that it can take up to seven years to fully de-condition our Human Design charts, to un-become all the parts of ourself that aren't our truest expression. For many, getting caught up in knowing the system is familiar. You can have all of the knowledge in the world (especially if you have a line 1 profile or gate 48 you probably do!) but without using it, feeling it and allowing yourself to practice with the concepts it's very challenging to know if it is supporting you and your growth.


In this experiment, you decide what feels good to you. You do not have to use all aspects of your Human Design, nor do you need to know all of them to experience the transformation that this work can offer. Learn how live your design in a unique, highly individualized & supportive space.

Created for the humans who are...

  • Spiritually curious

  • Seeking support

  • On a healing journey

  • Already exploring Human Design

  • Or, completely new to it

  • Building self-love and confidence

  • Ready to trust their decisions

  • Dismantling normative cultures

  • Feeling pulled to embrace their uniqueness

  • Carving their own path

  • Looking for community

  • Open to learning who they really are

During your journey through The Embodiment Experiment 7-week experience you will receive both knowledge & guidance to support you in embodying and experimenting with the wisdom uncovered in your Human Design chart, while embracing what makes you unique so you can care for the most authentic you.

You Will Receive:

Weekly Sessions

Six 75-minute virtual

one-on-one sessions via Zoom (valued at $1134)


Access to supplemental on-demand content

(value of $349)


Lifetime access to the audio recordings of your one-on-one sessions

Email Support

Ask questions & share your insights via email between weekly sessions

Curated Resources

Weekly worksheets, reflection prompts & self care tools (value of $149)

Community Group

Connect with likeminded souls on their own Human Design journey


$888 CAD (including taxes)

APRIL 8, 2024

$989 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

2 spots currently available

a bonus gift
with sign up

From your guide, Steff

I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor put on this Earth to catalyze humans into caring for themselves in a deeper, more compassionate & holistic way (but I also love gardening and taking care of my fur baby Brackley!). ​I combine my experience as a nurse in Women's Health, training as a movement guide & human design mentor and passion for holistic mental well-being into all that I do. I believe self-care encompasses more than just movement and physical nourishment, but tending to the wide variety of human needs such as fostering relationship & community, exploring your unique needs, desires and gifts & soul led expression. Visit here learn more about me & my own journey that led me to where I am today. Ps. I am ever evolving, and human just like you. 

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Have a question not listed? Send an email here or...

Payment Plan

— Alana, 5/1 Emotional Generator


"My session with Steff was informative, empowering and uplifting. Steff is in her element when she starts to share and educate you about your personal blueprint. I am excited to continue to work with her and deepen my understanding of human design for so many reasons!"

One last note from Steff:

When beginning my healing journey I felt very alone, and often confused. For years I dabbled in various healing tools, but when I found Human Design something felt wildly different. Never before did I feel so validated, seen and supported by a modality. I felt an instantaneous sense of permission to be the person I always felt burning inside of me, that I was too afraid to let shine. I want this for the world.


That said, as I began to explore my own chart, I began to realize how complex the teachings of this work were, and how they were related to other modalities I was already familiar with. Human Design can be confusing, but it’s my mission to help you use this modality to experience whatever it is you seek more of in your life. If you are not yet ready to deep dive into your chart I invite you to explore my one-to-one readings here or listen to one of my podcasts hereWhen the time comes, The Embodiment Experiment will be here for you.


Payment plans available via Sezzle. Scholarship opportunities available individuals

identifying as BIPOC. Please email Steff at for information. 

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