You are unique, 
your self-care
should be too.

Hi, I'm Steff!

and this is Steff Sullivan Collective — an ever changing space to help you intuitively move your body, discover your uniqueness & cultivate a sustainable and holistic self-care practice that is true to you.

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My Mission

For as long as I can remember I have been a helper, eager to learn and constantly looking for ways to grow. It is by no accident that I became a nurse right out of high school.

But just a few years into my professional career I hit a wall - burnout. Ashamed to admit that even healers need help, I spent years navigating personal wellness struggles both physical and emotional, and often alone.


During this time I would also see patients, friends and family members experience burnout, compassion fatigue and feelings of being stuck. I was constantly asking myself the question, "So what is missing?"


It became my mission to study self-care and guide others in understanding how to honour their unique needs by tapping into who they really are. I believe that once we accept ourselves we can open to the possibility of love in all areas of our life.

Want to learn more about me and my journey?

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feel good movement
group classes, corporate classes
& private sessions

barre & low impact strength

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learn how to use your unique energetic blueprint to supercharge your self-care practices with
Human Design

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 community programming & workshops to help you feel supported in your self-care

Moon to Sea Well-being Retreat: Renew Your Spirit on Prince Edward Island
Sept 08, 3:00 p.m. ADT
Nature Space Resort
We invite you to a five-day mindfully curated experience under the Harvest Full Moon - a place to reconnect, renew and nourish your spirit as you indulge in the magic that the beautiful Prince Edward Island has to offer.

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