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Celebrating Spring Equinox

Hello friend! Happy Spring Equinox! Today marks the first day of spring for us in the Northern Hemisphere & interestingly, the length of day and night are equal worldwide. Celebrated by many cultures as the beginning of the New Year, this is a great day to appreciate nature, a sunset or do some reflecting on your experience over the last few months and what is on the horizon for you as we usher in longer and warmer days! Below you will find journal prompts & a drawing activity to support this changing of seasons.

Winter Reflections

  • Thinking back between now and January 1st write down 2-3 words to describe your experiences or emotions you’ve had.

  • What has been one lesson you have moved through that you are proud of yourself for? How may you celebrate that if you haven’t yet?

  • What have you let go of, or are ready to let go of, to create room for this new season? Possessions, habits, relationships etc.

Spring Clarity

  • With this fresh energy in their air, consider if there an area of your life you have gained clarity on recently? How does this feel moving into this new season?

  • What have you been cultivating this winter that is ready to bloom? How may you bring this creation, experience or emotion to life?

  • What are you looking forward to in this new season?

Exploring Your Self-Care Garden

  • Prepare to let your creative spirit shine! Get a pen & piece of paper to draw your own self-care garden. Let the prompts below guide your drawing...

    • When you enter the garden, are you passing through a door, an arch way, a tree lined path, or perhaps over a hill?

    • What do you first notice when you walk in?

    • What plants are planted?

    • Any sounds or animals present? Insects or other people?

    • What objects do you notice? Any seats, benches or swings?

    • What colours do you see?

    • What areas of the garden need tending to? Fallen branches, weeds to pull, wilted plants...

    • Draw yourself in the garden - what are you doing?

    • What else do you want to add?

Cultivating Your Self-Care Garden

  • Think of this garden as your inner landscape, and just like you may tend to it by watering, sewing the soil or removing dead brush or weeds…

  • How you can nurture your own inner landscape, just like you tended to your garden?

  • Write your intentions around your garden as reminders to nurture your inner landscape as we transition into a new season...

    • Ie. drink 3L of water daily

    • Get outside in the sunshine

    • Embrace the rain

    • Remove what’s no longer serving me

    • Honour my beauty

    • Take space to notice the magic all around

    • What else?

Lastly, write the affirmation somewhere in or around your garden, “I can always begin again” - just as spring does every year. You have this ability too, at any moment in time.

Let me know in the comments below if you move through this activity. Happy first day of spring & New Year if you celebrate! May you call in all that you desire and move through life with compassion & flow.

With love,


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1 Comment

Steff Sullivan
Steff Sullivan
Mar 21, 2022


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