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Embracing Your Human Design Profile

Updated: Apr 1

So you've uncovered the foundational pieces of your Human Design chart such as your energy type, strategy & authority and perhaps now you want to go a bit deeper into other layers of your design. Your profile can be a valuable additional piece of information that can help you better understand how to actually live out and embody your energy type, and how your energy may differ from someone else of the same energy type. This post serves as a starting point to better understand your profile, but there is so much more depth and nuance to this part of your chart that is unique and individual to you. Download your free Human Design chart here and keep reading to learn more.

ps. if you are new to Human Design be sure to check out this post to start your journey!

Where To Find Your Profile & Profile Lines

Your profile can be found in the written description of your chart beside "Profile" - it is composed of a fraction looking number with descriptor words for each of the two numbers you see listed. A forewarning: Human Design can use some interesting language. I urge my clients to focus less on the word itself, and more on the energy of the information the word represents. These two numbers come from what we call "Profile Lines" in Human Design. There are profile 6 lines in total, which you can think of like 6 different archetypes.

You can also visualize your profile within the image of your energy blueprint. The profile lines are the numbers located after the decimal points down the two sides of your chart. The first number in your profile is derived from the conscious side of your chart (aka your personality), and the second from the subconscious side of your chart (aka your design). This means, often the first number in our profile is much more in our awareness and an energy we lead our life with. The second number may be more subtle and others may see this energy in us more than we can ourselves. Your primary profile is compromised of the top two decimal points as shown below.

IYKYK - Human Design is complex. So to add, these numbers can be situated in 12 different combinations, which makes up the full profile you see listed on your chart. For example, profiles can look like 3/5, 2/4, 6/2, 4/1, 1/3 and so on. Not only are the two numbers significant on their own, but the combination of them, and the order they appear are too. To keep this as simple as possible, we will review the six different profile line energies in this post. To learn the depths of your full Human Design profile, I recommend you book a Level II virtual chart reading session with me here!

Line One - The Investigator

The first profile line, is the foundational energy of the six lines. To feel safe, this energy requires a lot of details, knowledge and depth. They are very curious by nature, and want to understand the why before they do. Though, they may not always get to the doing because they are often busy taking a million courses, reading, getting more information and asking questions. They may also enjoy studying the behaviours of others, and may identify as introverts. Sometimes, they can struggle with feelings of inadequacy or nervousness when they do not have the time to prepare and investigate. If you need to know the details, the line one has you covered. They make great resources and may be who you want on your team for a game show!

Line Two - The Hermit

Just as the nam suggests, the line two wants to hermit away, be alone often and sit in their comfortable shell as this is restful and grounding for them. They do not want to be interrupted, or have others expectations placed on them. That said, this energy often can be naturally good at a certain thing, or things, but can have troubles recognizing it. It takes someone else recognizing this energy and calling it out to share it's gifts, talents or energy with others. This profile line often learns through teaching or talking about things they are learning with others. They are here to embrace what is effortless for them, while exploring the balance between solitude and social time.

Line Three - The Experimenter

This profile line learns through action, trial and error and experimenting. They are designed to try new things and learn from their mistakes. It can be very challenging to embrace failing forward for this energy, especially in the face of perfectionism. Fear of getting things wrong can stop this energy from honouring it's need to learn by doing. Line threes can have a hard time predicting what is needed energetically until it is in the process, relationship, situation etc. Over time, they will become wise experts through the opportunities they take on and can help save others time by sharing with them what doesn't work. Freedom and space to be in their experimentation process without judgment is key.

Profile lines 1-3 are called personal profile lines. Their energy is individual, directed inward and less interested in others. These lines want to go their own way and may enjoy being alone more than not.

Line Four - The Opportunist

Similar to the line one energy, this profile is a foundational energy & wants to ensure a solid foundation is built before it feels safe and trusting of others. Sometimes this also means the fourth line has a hard time making changes. This line craves intimacy and relationships with others as it serves a purpose of connecting their energy to opportunities. They are great networkers, and often have a big appreciation for referrals. Though social, this energy is designed to have it's impact on it's close network, friends and family and not complete strangers. Sometimes this profile line struggles with a fear of rejection and may overcompensate with wanting to prove they know a lot of people. They care deeply about their relationships and much of their life is spent putting energy towards them.

Line Five - The Universalizer

Born into a destiny for helping others, this profile line without even trying, is here to be a catalyst for change for others like a mirror. Reflecting back others expectations, places they need to heal & wounds can leave the fifth line feeling like  others don't really understand them. This profile line can hide out to avoid needing to be the hero for others, or may feel suspicious about others intentions. This energy has a unique charismatic quality and is designed to have it's impact on strangers. Due to it's gift of problem solving, this line may be in leadership or helping professions where they can to support the universalization of solutions to those in need.

Line Six - The Role Model

The final profile line is designed to be a role model for the rest of humanity and all of the lessons and teachings the other five profile lines bring to the collective. But, without knowing this, this profile line may feel they are behind in life. Their fullest expression often comes from healing & experimenting in the first half of their life much like the line three. Mid-life, this line begins to feel a decrease in energy and a pull towards observing others. Here, they may learn their purpose is less about doing and more about being, and can help others see this for themselves too. The six lines are here to remind us to trust ourselves and be our own guides.

Profile lines 4-6 are transpersonal lines. They all have a theme of being more outward energetically and have a need for being social, sharing their energy with others, building relationships and living their life purpose within relationships.

Reflection & Embodiment

Now that you know more about the six profile lines, take some time to reflect. You can feel into these questions, journal on them or share them in the comments below. As a manifestor, love hearing about how this work impacts you and this keeps me motivated to continue to create free content.

  • Do you identify more so with the first number in your profile, or the second number? How come?

  • How do these energies show up for you individually? How about together?

  • How may this add a layer onto what you know about your energy type? Does it contradict (that's okay! we are nuanced humans) or align with your energy type?

Lastly, though you have one predominant profile, you may notice that there are multiple numbers after the decimal points down the two sides of your chart. You'll see these are numbers 1-6, these also correspond to the profile lines. In short, this means your energy is a combination of all of the profile lines (again, we are nuanced) but your primary expression is your listed profile. Do you notice you have a lot of other numbers not listed in your profile? You may also resonate with that profile line, especially if it's more on the conscious side of your design!

Ouuuuf, that may feel like a lot. And that is okay! Human Design is a beautiful blueprint of your energy, and just like building a house we must build a solid foundation by learning, taking our time, allow ourselves to fully experience it and eventually, all of the pieces will add up. As a reminder, you can book a 1:1 session here to learn more about your unique energy blueprint or check out an on-demand workshop here to do your own investigating (Line 1's I am looking at you!).

I hope this information brings you a deeper sense of self-compassion, permission and peace.

With love,


3/5 Emotional Manifestor

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