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7 Steps To Begin Your Human Design Journey

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Completely new to Human Design? Start here!

Welcome to the beautiful world of #HumanDesign. I am honoured you are here, and excited that this magical modality has found you (or re-found you). I truly believe that this work will come into your life when it's meant to, so if you have felt called to learn more about Human Design for yourself or for others, you're in the right place...

girl sitting on couch holding up book titled Human Design covering face
Steff is obsessed with Human Design (and this book!)

Step Zero: Chill, There Are No Rules with Human Design

No really though, there are no rules to beginning your journey because in learning about Human Design you will quickly realize that there are no rules to living life in general! We've just constructed a lot of rules based off of conditioning & the most common energies (70% of the world has a similar energetic makeup, which can leave the other 30% feeling real lost).

Perhaps part of the resistance a lot of us humans meet is that we try to all use our energy in the same ways based off of what we have been told is the way to do things? So while the following steps can give some structure and context to help you learn and utilize Human Design in your life, do what feels best for you!

Step One: Generate Your Birth Chart

This birth chart aka Body Graph can be thought of like an energetic blueprint that gives you clues at how your energy can be best utilized, how you make decisions & more! You can generate your chart for free right on my website here! For this step, you'll want to have the most exact birth time possible to ensure your chart is accurate which is especially important the deeper you get into learning about your unique energy blueprint. For more information review my FAQ page here.

girl standing holding laptop in one hand and reading book in another
Let's make learning Human Design more fun and easeful!

Step Two: Notice What Is Present For You

You may be thinking, but Steff...I just want to jump in and learn all there is to know (which is likely very evident from your chart too by the way). But before we get too ahead of ourselves (read: overwhelmed) I urge my clients to notice how they feel when they first generate their chart. A few questions you may ask yourself:

  • What do I first notice when I look at my chart? Consider any familiar symbols, shapes, words or colours.

  • How do I feel in this moment as I sit and observe my chart? What is my body communicating? Consider any emotions, physical sensations, intuitive messages etc. that are coming up.

  • Am I feeling called to learn about my own unique design or a general overview of the system to start my journey?

Step Three: Set An Intention

Most people are attracted to Human Design in hopes to learn more about themselves, some want to help support clients they work with, shift how they show up in the world or their work, improve their relationships with themselves or others (or both!). I really believe that whatever it is you seek out of this journey with Human Design, you can find it. This intention may shift over time as you begin to realize that there are so many possibilities with this wisdom, and that shifting one area of your life, will likely translate into many other areas! Also, know that after some exploring you may be satisfied and lose touch with the work - this happened to me (click here to learn about my Human Design story). Whether its 5 months or 5 years, your experience is yours and trust that if the curiosity around this system is meant to come back to your life it will!

Step Four: Honour Your Learning Style

There are many different ways to learn about Human Design, which is in part the reason I share a collective of offerings that can support you in your experiment with this work. You may choose to book a 1:1 birth chart reading and speak directly with a guide to get personalized support (click here to explore my sessions), you may want to read about specific content based on your design via websites, blogs or social media. You may learn best in a group setting and attend a workshop, retreat, take a course. Or perhaps you are interested in learning the system as a whole, before you dive into your own unique energy blueprint. As outlined in Step One, there are no rules. Decide what feels like the most exciting way to learn about this work and go with that!

Ps. I believe that it is really important to make an aligned choice when learning Human Design from a guide or mentor, regardless of the format you choose. Go where you feel a positive energetic pull - our intuition is more profound than we'll ever fully grasp.

Pss. it may not be me, and that is okay! Different Human Design charts will interact in different ways, and that is the beauty of it - we are not for everyone!

Step Five: Breaking It Down

Personally, I see Human Design like a really beautifully complex and nuanced, but also sometimes hard to digest, tool that can be extremely supportive when you are able to truly embody it (not just know the concepts but really experiment with them in your life and see the results).

Oftentimes when learning or teaching Human Design, it's broken down into layers. While there's some controversy around which layer is more important, I really don't know that it matters as much as understanding that while we break it down, all of these parts work in synergy to make you who you really are.

That said, the layers of the chart don't always work in alignment with each other and can even contradict, which can makes things even more complex (and when a mentor or guide can come in handy!). Learning to work with different spectrums of your unique energy is key, and knowing that it isn't all rainbows and butterflies will help alleviate some of the pressure too. You're human after all.

When you first begin, it may be helpful to start by exploring your energy type (think: like how there are 12 astrological signs with their own themes, there are 5 types in Human Design but these aren't related the birth month!). But again no rules! You can learn all about the 5 Human Design energy types in my blog post series here.

a graphic showing the various layers of the Human Design system - at the bottom Foundations: Energy Type (Signature, Not Self Themes), Strategy & Authority, next layer Intermediate: Profile, Energy Centres, Definition, next layer advanced: channels, gate & planets, next layer expert: incarnation cross, variables (aka arrows)
The Layers of Human Design

It is recommended to build a solid foundation of awareness before going more into the depths of this work, especially related to your Strategy (how you clear resistance) & Authority (your unique intuition that guides your decisions)

Step Six: Get Familiar With The Language

To make an already complex system more complicated, the language used is not only sometimes foreign, but different texts, books and teachings may use slightly different words. To help you begin to familiarize yourself with the components of the chart, I've given a simple explanation of each below!


Energy Type: how your aura or energy works and is felt by others, helps you navigate life. Each energy type also has a corresponding:

  • *Strategy: how to move through resistance & create more ease

  • Signature: what we feel when we're honouring our design

  • Not self-theme: what we feel when we are working against our design

*Authority: how we are designed to make decisions within our bodies, aka our primary intuition. Using this will help bring you back into alignment. Learn more here.




Step Seven: Revisit How You Feel & Decide Next Steps

Just in this post alone we've covered a lot! Now that you have dabbled in some learning on your own, notice how you are feeling. Do you feel a curious pull to deepen your experience with Human Design? If so, I urge you to check-in on that! It may be time to get some extra support to help you apply the concepts to your own life and a mentor or guide can help you do just that.

Girl wearing white sweater with both hands on heart and eyes closed with a soft smile
Steff's gift is guiding humans back home to themselves through movement, self-discovery, Human Design & well-being retreats and workshops

I'm Steff, a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor. Learn more about me here!

If you have had a chart reading session already, but feel the urge to explore further, you may consider an advanced level reading to go beyond the foundational concepts. There is truly always more to learn. That said, ensure you are giving yourself space to digest the information and practice it in your life!

Additional Support

Below you'll find my current offerings as of Fall 2023, if any of them speak to you I'd love to help guide you back home to yourself through Human Design.

Not sure which offering is right for you? Book a free discovery call with me below!

Please let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful or if you have any questions! I hope you find what it is you seek. Celebrating you & your uniqueness,



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