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Human Design Energy Type Series: The Generator

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

There are 5 human design energy types, each with a unique set of strengths, needs and lessons to learn. Understanding this information can provide clarity in how your energy is felt by others, experienced in your body & ways to work with it, instead of against it.Want to learn more about Human Design before diving into this post? Visit HERE to explore how this modality can be used to care for yourself in a more holistic way. Generate your free chart HERE to find out your energy type.

The Generator — Creative builder. Radiating expansiveness. Gut instincts. Passion. Dances with life.

Generators make up approximately 37% of the population, not to be confused with manifesting generators (who are their own type), these powerful beings have a unique energetic expression. The auric field of a generator is naturally warm, radiating and open to attract life to the generator. As such, it’s imperative that the generator keeps space in their auric field through constant assessment of the amount of energetic clutter they are experiencing. This may look like noticing what they feel they should be doing but don’t feel connected to & delegating these tasks or letting go of them, and allotting enough time for joy, play and spontaneity. When generators constantly operate at their maximum capacity, they may not be able to allow new opportunities or manifestations to come to fruition.

Desires & Gifts

Generators are gifted at building, developing skills and using their sustainable energy to nurture, due the mechanics of their design. They often feel very propelled to focus on areas of their life such as family, relationships, work and or creative endeavours. Nothing lights a generator up more than gaining mastery at a task or skill, but the focus is usually one thing at a time. Oftentimes, generators experience a constant tug to find the right work that lights them up. That said, they are also here to learn that they do not need to find their right work, the right work will find them if they allow the space. Differentiating using their energy to attract versus using it to chase or force is a lesson many generators must integrate along their journey. When a generator loves what they do, they feel aligned, are consistent and see things through to completion, therefore generating more energy.

Mechanics & Strategy

A key component of the generator energy is the sacral energy centre, located second from the bottom of the chart in the centre. All generators have this powerful centre activated, which provides them with sustainable energy like a motor in a car. The key to accessing this energy is in understanding the strategy of the generator, which helps the generator feel more ease. All generators hold the strategy of waiting to respond to life outside of them. Most generators though, feel a constant need to initiate, start and facilitate movement of their energy without waiting for the right timing or people, usually due to the fact that they have a lot of energy wanting to be used up. One of the biggest lessons for generators is to learn the art of patience, to wait for the right moment to act which comes often in the form of an external sign, like seeing something that gives you confirmation, or another human asking a question or offering an opportunity. For many generators, the sacral response in the body feels like an excitement, physical draw towards something or verbalizing a "uh-huh" (note: I have noticed many of clients say 1000% when their sacral is lit up) - these are signs your sacral is saying YES! That said, if you have an emotional authority this may feel different - see THIS blog post to learn more.

Signature & Feeling Aligned

It takes trust to lean into the concept of divine timing, but the generator that can surrender to the flow of life will find less resistance and experience their signature feeling of satisfaction. Understanding that all of the steps along the path may not be clear, but at each step, there will be confirmation through the sacral gut response. It is crucial that generators feel into what lights them up, and follow the burning desires that their whole body feels YES about. There is nothing more satisfying to a generator than completing what they have responded to and feeling like they are using up all of their powerful energy each day before bed, towards things that they love. Gifted at the follow through, generator energy is highly sought after and very special, but it’s important to notice when others want access to the sacral energy held within. Just because the energy is accessible, does not mean it needs to be immediately used to take action or given away to others. Having clear boundaries and trusting the body to guide the decision making process can help the generator feel more satisfied.

Feeling Not-Self

Even though generators have a massive amount of sustainable energy, they too can feel burnt out, but generally have a higher capacity. Usually this comes in the form of feeling frustrated or stuck, which is the generator’s not self theme. Most commonly, generators feel stuck in using their energy towards things that they are not passionate about or lit up by or have too many obligations. It may also be experienced if being too rigid, not waiting for the right time or people, or quitting when they hit an energetic plateau. It is important to assess any energetic leaks, and once resolved, the generator can re-generate energy quickly. If leaks are not eliminated, generators can feel out of touch with their body, have troubles accessing their gut instincts and can become even more frustrated. Oftentimes, this is a sign to stop, wait and do something that brings in feelings of joy or pleasure. For many generators, physical movement of the body can be supportive. Joy and pleasure can help create the magnetism needed to bring what is desired into the auric field to respond to.

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Lessons & Fears

Generators must lean into the lessons of trusting their truth and honour their body’s responses to life instead of trying to use the logical mind to assess and reason. It’s common for generators to fear that if they do not initiate they will miss out, but this is simply conditioning. Right timing usually does not make sense until in the moment. Generators may also experience fear of failure or feel anxious when not able to control outcomes. This serves as a reminder to pause, lean into waiting, follow the generator strategy and tune into the unique authority (intuition or how one make’s decisions) to support the process.

There is so much more to the generator energy than just being here to work, I promise you! Understanding the way your energy is best used is a foundational component to embodying your Human Design. If you are looking for support stepping into the full expression of your generator energy & your full design or want to learn more practical ways to embody this book a 1:1 birth chart reading HERE or explore the new 7-week Embodiment Experiment program HERE.

Generators, trust yourself. You are here to feel incredible, while doing incredible things. Your energy is key to the collective well-being. Trust your magic.

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If you have any questions feel free to comment them below or join the HD Collective community group HERE & connect with other Human Design lovers.

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