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Hi, I'm Steff and I am a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor!

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

You may be thinking what the heck do these words even mean? Well, plainly put these words describe my Human Design - and provide insight into how I’m designed to use my energy, how I make decisions, how others perceive me...and more! Juicy right? Curious about your own energetic blueprint? Generate your free birth chart here!

I’m going to break it down for you in this post & I am giving you access to MY Human Design chart if you want to geek out on who I really am ;)

3/5 - this is called my ‘profile’ which can help shed light on how I am meant to move through life and my personality. The first number signifies how you see yourself whereas the second is more subconscious, something others may see you as, or something you will step into in time. If you have a small number first in your profile (1-3) you have a personal karmic lesson whereas a larger number first (5-6 with the exception of 4/1’s) you have a collective contribution to make during your time here. Interestingly, it's said that if you have a small number first in your profile (1-3) you have a personal karmic lesson whereas a larger number first (4-6 with the exception of 4/1’s) you have a collective contribution to make during your time here - possibly you are more extroverted. As a ⅗ I am designed to experiment through trial and error and share what I have learned with my community. This energy is sort of, “I learnt all these lessons so you don’t have to” and can be both painful and quite magnetic and inspirational if used correctly. When others are ready, 3/5’s have the potential to help people make changes, but can sometimes feel pressure of other’s projections of them being the “saviour” and may do well in crisis (maybe this is part of why I became a nurse?)

Emotional - this is my ‘authority’ or how I am designed to make the correct decisions, you will only have 1 authority of the 7. This could not be more true for me (hello, cancer sun). I carry the channel of emoting in my design as well and I really feel the feels of my emotional wave - the key to note is that this authority typically needs time to make decisions, preferably a nights rest, and are not typically designed to make spontaneous choices (though other areas in the chart may make you feel differently). I do not often have full clarity on decision making (compared to let's say, a sacral authority) but I make the most aligned decisions when I am not too high or too low on my wave. When polling my Instagram community today via my stories, many people struggle with making decisions and trusting them - this part of Human Design can really help here but it takes work! You will only know if you experiment with your authority and reflect on how it feels. Imagine a world where we all respected each other’s innate decision making systems?!

Manifestor - this is my energy type or how my energy is experienced by others and how I use my energy in life - not to be confused with personality, think more along the lines of aura. And don’t worry, if you don’t resonate with your type, most people don’t as most people are not living in alignment with this part of their design..I sure wasn’t 3 years ago when I found this work. For me, being a manifestor shows up as needing a lot of freedom and independence, compliments of being “mature”, feelings of loneliness and feedback throughout my life that I am “too much” or “think I am better than others”. My energy can be FAST like a tornado and when I do not inform others of my impact it can leave people feeling really yuck. I have experienced all of the consequences of not honouring this energy: burnout, people pleasing, keeping myself small, not speaking my mind, conflict with bosses and authority figures, anger when others try to control me & more...ouf. But, since learning all of this I am working towards stepping into my power, doing things a different way, being bold & keeping people informed.

So, I hope that helps to clear up some of the (sometimes intimidating) HD lingo! I am so curious to know...what is your Human Design?! I'd love to hear your profile, authority & energy type and your experience of these aspects of your design. Share in the comments below?

Ready to go further into exploring this beautiful modality? Check out my Human Design group and 1:1 offers here! With love, Steff


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