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8 Things I've Observed Through Human Design

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I've done hundreds of 1:1 sessions with humans now, while also studying the Human Design system, and experimenting in my own life with it since March of 2019. As we are all humans, with human experiences, though different and unique energetically, we also experience common humanity. Many of us have similar deep rooted desires, feel similar emotions & have similar energetic needs, though these may manifest differently.

Here are 8 things that I have observed over the last few years. These may not all apply to you, or every client I meet with, but I think at least one will resonate deeply. I'd love to hear which you feel the most. Regardless or where you are at in your journey, even if you are just finding Human Design for the first time! Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at to share your insights. Ps. generate your free Human Design chart HERE!


1) No matter your design or energy type you are not here to please everyone.

The thing I really love about Human Design is that it teaches us not only to honour our unique energetic needs, but to also understand and have compassion for needs and energetics of other beings. With this, it's important to note that not a single person is here for ALL of the collective. This is a concept I have struggled with, and still do. People pleasing is incredibly common, in part I think because many people deeply desire being loved. Especially if you have an open emotional centre (far right triangle is white), certain conditioning or traumas, you may be more prone than others. All energy types are designed to sit in their strengths and take care of their energy. It is our responsibility as energetic beings to do so.

2) All humans are prone to conditioning that pulls them out of their authentic self, some more than others.

Conditioning may come in the form of past traumas, a story you once heard or developed, someone implanting an idea in your mind that you've held onto, societal expectations or norms and beliefs we hold that are not part of our design. Anywhere in your chart that is white (centres & gates) we are prone to these energies infiltrating our chart. The more white space in your chart, the more you may experience external influences, and the more difficulty you may feel to sit into your design. That said, the wisdom we gain through this openness when used to our advantage and when we know it is not ours to hold - the more empathic, compassionate and authentic we can be.

3) Each design holds gifts & strengths but, instead of owning these, many focus on what they perceive they lack and get stuck comparing and competing.

Human Design can help you understand your uniqueness, your gifts and how your energy is designed to move through the world. In learning this, many express that they feel seen or feel that they have permission to be themselves. This is a beautiful realization that can be facilitated through exploring parts of yourself. Even those you feel shame about, those that you judge, and those that you have been told are too much or not enough.

4) To add: no human is missing or lacking in any way - your soul chose your design for this lifetime.

The openness in your chart is as much of a gift as the activated areas you express. They are all your strengths, in fact. Your soul chose to incarnate with the exact design that it did. This is not by accident. Without each energy type, each gate and each centre or planet's expression we would not have a collective. We would have homogenization, which is exactly the opposite of what Human Design supports. You are whole and complete on your own. You do not need others, though some designs enjoy the energetic support in their journey.

5) Many people struggle to trust themselves, their unique intuition and or the correct timing - instead they seek externally or try to control or force.

Interestingly, to some degree, all energy types are designs to wait in some way - to respond, to be invited, for the moon cycles to change or for internal urges to arise. Understanding your authority (aka how you make decisions) in Human Design is a powerful way to discover ways to tap into your truth, find more ease and clarity and honour your needs. You are here to trust yourself, first and foremost. To learn more about this topic explore this blog post or this workshop.

6) Touchy subject, but not everyone is designed to operate consistently, yet this isn’t well honoured in society.

If you have an open (white) sacral centre (the second bottom box on the chart) you likely have struggled at some point in feeling you need to force yourself to be consistent. This configuration makes up about 30% of the population. Heck, even those with activated sacral centres are going to struggle with consistency. The key thing to understand is that we receive messages constantly from society that this is the only path to success, to achieving our goals or to whatever it is we desire. While there may be some truth to that, this often negates our human experiences and needs. Some people are not designed to move linear, some less analytical than others, some need more rest. Some operate in bursts of energy vs. the same frequency day to day. Not all energy moves the same way. If you want to learn if you your Human Design lends you to being naturally more consistent, or not, check out this workshop I did with Certified Behaviour Analyst Sonya MacCrimmon.

7) Uncovering your design is not usually new information, instead, it’s a reminder to come back home to what you know to be true already, a reminder to be you in your own unique way.

There is nothing outside of you that needs to be found. As cliche as it may sound, truly everything you need is within you. Sometimes, we just get caught up in our minds. Our bodies always know. Think of Human Design like a roadmap back to yourself, your soul and what your body knows to be true for you.

8) No one else has the design you have or the experiences you have had and that is yours to own.

There is a lot of nuance to being human, a lot of layers to peel back on our conditioning a lot of un-learning and re-learning to do in this lifetime. And, it's all part of life. We as humans experience things, sometimes good and sometimes not so good, but ultimately, these experiences are part of the journey. They help write your story of who you are. No two Human Design charts are the same, and the fact that you were born is a miracle in itself. So own it. Get exploring. Be curious. Open your mind and your heart to what is possible for you. We are all just as worthy of love, joy and abundance as the next person. Take care of yourself, you special human!

Ps. feeling called to learn more about Human Design? Click here to begin your own experiment into your unique energy blueprint.



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