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Human Design Energy Type Series: The Projector

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

There are 5 human design energy types, each with a unique set of strengths, needs and lessons to learn. Understanding this information can provide clarity in how your energy is felt by others, experienced in your body & ways to work with it, instead of against it.Want to learn more about Human Design before diving into this post? Visit HERE to explore how this modality can be used to care for yourself in a more holistic way. Generate your free chart HERE to find out your energy type.

The Projector Energy director. Sees others deeply. Honours timing. Wise. Recognition for being.

Fun fact: projectors are my most popular client and most likely to seek out modalities like Human Design to better understand others. Projectors make up approximately 20% of the population and are becoming increasingly more common. It's thought that as we move into a new wave of energy in 2027 (more on this coming soon) we will begin to see the importance of the projector's guiding energy lived out. Now, more than ever, humans are seeking guidance so ultimately, this benefits all of us so long as the projector is staying in alignment with their design.

The Aura

The auric field of a projector is very unique, focused outward, it can enter the auras of other humans to get a feel for their energy. Projectors typically can see people quite deeply which helps them live out their gift of guidance. This aura can be thought of like a magnifying glass, zooming in but also can absorb energy. As such, many projectors are highly sensitive beings that require awareness around their own energy, boundaries and self-care to prevent them from burning out. There are three types of projectors depending on the energy centres activated in the chart.

Strengths & Gifts

Projectors are gifted at directing the energy of other beings or processes and often naturally find themselves in roles that honour this gift. When we begin to learn the specific gifts of each of the types we can see how their energy can work with other types. Generators (more info HERE) often though of as builders & projectors work well in conjunction as projectors can guide the creative process. It's important for projectors to work alongside energy of others, especially those with sacral centres (generators & manifesting generators) to help their process - they are not meant to go at life alone.

The projector energy, once harnessed correctly, is very wise and can aid in developing greater efficiency with projects and processes. As projectors can see others deeply and feel into their energy, they can be guides or healers for others, showing them where they may be in or out of alignment. Projectors can see the big picture, and are often sought out for this strength they hold.

Because much of the focus of projectors is on guiding others and processes, they enjoy studying and learning. Systems like astrology, Human Design, numerology & other self-development modalities are often of great interest. Through studying and the open energy centres (white shapes on chart), the projector takes in knowledge, experience, stories & feelings that help them better understand others. This wisdom is what is sought out from others. When projectors understand what their unique wisdom is, they become a magnet for opportunities. A great reflection to try for projectors, is noticing what other's ask you about or feel you are an expert in.


Projectors require a lot of alone time, but they also require being around people too - so a balance of this energy and awareness around their needs is very important. It feels very nourishing to a projector to receive recognition, this is arguably one of the biggest desires of projectors. This may come in the form of words of affirmation or letting them know they did a good job, or reminding them they have done enough and can now rest. Projectors also desire community, or a group where they are recognized for their wisdom and invited to share about things they are passionate about, without judgement. Finding their right people, especially trusted listeners can be very supportive. Lastly, projectors require space to rest and study energetically, but also should pay attention to the physical spaces they are a part of to ensure they remain healthy.

Mechanics & Strategy

The projector does NOT have their sacral centre activated, this is a key distinction compared to the generator and manifesting generator which make up 70% of the collective's energy. Because of this, projectors have a very different quality of energy that is often not honoured in the way it should be. Since most of the conditioning comes from the sacral beings, projectors can feel like they need to keep up with people but do not have the same energetic capacity and struggle to be consistent. They may also feel lazy and out of place in a world filled with so much sacral energy. Pushing, forcing and trying to keep up is a ticket to burnout for this sensitive energy. To mitigate this, it's important for projectors to understand their strategy which can help clear resistance and help them feel more at ease.

The projector strategy is to wait for the invitation, which is music to many projector's ears who feel exhausted from all the doing. The focus of the projector should truly be in the being which involves a lot of waiting. This can be difficult to the projector at times, as conditioning from very energetically fast moving types around them can take them out of alignment. Waiting for the invitation looks like a projector receiving a request for a speaking engagement or someone in a conversation asking their opinion. In the waiting period, it's recommended that projectors integrate, heal, study, ponder and let themselves be seen so they can attract more invitations. Big or small, it's important for the projector to be patient with sharing their wisdom and natural talents, in doing so, and when recognized, projectors can experience their signature feeling.

Signature & Feeling Aligned

It takes a lot of patience and self-development to honour waiting for the right timing and people. When the projector does so, and feels they are being recognized for who they truly are, not just what they do, they will experience their signature feeling of success. It's worth noting that the word success for projectors is so much more than the language and significance society has placed on the word itself. It's more of a feeling. This feeling of success is different for each projector, but it usually comes into their body through having energetically well humans around them that they can trust, through being recognized for their wisdom they've acquired, by attracting and receiving invitations that are aligned, and when they are using their energy correctly to guide others in their journey or process.

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Feeling Not-Self

When projectors are not feeling recognized or they aren't receiving the invitations or affirmation they desire, they can often be pulled out of alignment. Bitterness is the not-self theme of the projector, which can be felt especially when the projector is overworking and not paying attention to their unique needs. As mentioned, due to the open energy centres projectors can take in a lot of peoples energy - overworking and a lack of self-care can leave the projector feeling absolutely depleted and very bitter or like life isn't fair. When working against this special energy, projectors may fall into victim mentality, and or become very hard on themselves contemplating why they can't be more like others they observe. Working hard, hustle culture and or forcing consistency is not recommended for this energy. Self-care is key. Recognition is key, and if invites or recognition are not coming in as effortlessly as desired, it's a reminder to do some self-recognition and celebrate wins along the way.

Lessons & Fears

A common fear of the projector is not being seen or invited by others, so projectors may overcompensate in this area and try too hard to be seen or do things not correct for them as a way to receive attention. It's important the projector learns the best use of their energy, and that trying more is usually not the answer, contrary to what their mind (and conditioning) says. The biggest lesson to learn is that they are not here to operate energetically in the same ways as many people they help guide. And lastly, unlearning the idea that hard work is the only way to achieve success.

Understanding the way your energy is best used is a foundational component to embodying your Human Design. If you are looking for support stepping into the full expression of your projector energy & your full design or want to learn more practical ways to embody this book a 1:1 birth chart reading HERE or explore the new 7-week Embodiment Experiment program HERE.

Projectors recognize yourself. Let yourself be seen by others. Rest deeply. Protect your energy and honour right timing.

TL;DR? Learn all about this energy type in my TikTok...

If you have any questions feel free to comment them below or join the HD Collective community group HERE & connect with other Human Design lovers.

With so much love,


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15 dic 2022

Thank you for expanding on the definition of Success! At the end of 2022 I feel success, not because of financial gains (this has been one of the worst years financially), or materialist reasons, but because I remembered who I am, I used Human Design and followed my strategy and authority to live in alignment and for that I feel success ✨ have an amazing 2023! Can’t wait to follow along! -Brianna

Me gusta

Prior to reading this I had chosen the word "Patience" as my go to word for 2023. Waiting calmly. Thank you Steff for your sharing. It is so appreciated.

Me gusta
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