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Human Design Energy Type Series: The Reflector

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

There are 5 human design energy types, each with a unique set of strengths, needs and lessons to learn. Understanding this information can provide clarity in how your energy is felt by others, experienced in your body & ways to work with it, instead of against it.Want to learn more about Human Design before diving into this post? Visit HERE to explore how this modality can be used to care for yourself in a more holistic way. Generate your free chart HERE to find out your energy type.

The Reflector Observant illuminator. Variable. Sensing attunement. Curiosity. Seeking depth.

Reflectors are in fact, extremely rare, making up approximately 1% of the population. This energy is also the oldest energy type, and holds a special connection to nature because of this. The reflector holds some similarities to their non-energy type counterparts, projectors (learn more HERE), but have very unique needs and mechanics to their design. Reflectors are the only lunar types in Human Design, where the other 4 energy types are solar beings. While yes, some may think of them as unicorns, they are extremely important to our collective and so much more than just a rare energy. Truly, nobody else is like a reflector, their aura makes this energy incredibly unique for themselves, but also for those around them.

The Aura

Generally, the more open energy centres (white shapes on the chart), the more sensitive to energies of others, and prone to conditioning in these areas too. For the reflector, they are blessed with a very unique expression where no energy centres are activated in the chart (all shapes are white). Because of this, they hold a protective aura that helps shield them, like Teflon, nothing sticks to their aura. As they are still sensitive beings, they will have variable energy that can shift, change and express differently depending on their environment, like a chameleon. They do this through their sampling aura which takes tastes of the environment they are in and people they spend time with. Resilient by nature, reflectors are here to sample without taking in too much - a balance they may need to discover. It's imperative that the reflector spends enough time alone to discharge the energy from their open centres and have space to make clear and aligned decisions.

Strengths & Gifts

Through the reflector's openness, they are gifted at sensing and feeling others, especially when it comes to alignment. For some, this ability can be confronting, as the reflector can judge and then reflect back what isn't working (typically more so than what is). Reflectors can also know the potential of people, and be a really beautiful energy to be around to increase your self-awareness. As a big focus of the energy of the reflector is on communities and the environment that they are in, they can also sense the potential for communities and teams and can reflect the well-being of such groups. Just like a mirror, reflectors can show us what is needed to improve. Connecting to the planets, transit field and nature is extremely important to help support the reflector in tuning into themselves and others. It's said that many reflectors experience a remembrance in nature, and connect with it different than most people.

Reflectors are here to objectively share their wisdom through what they are gathering in their sampling and oftentimes are the observers of the crowd. Though it may feel challenging to be in the energy of a reflector and feel things reflected back to you, they truly can see your potential. In their high expression, reflectors can help move the world toward cooperation and peace and feel strongly towards justice for the collective. Reflectors can reflect the truth, and want to stand up for that truth and what they feel is right. They can also act as a barometer for the health of a team, community or group and therefore can be an asset in many environments.


There is nothing superficial about this energy. Reflectors need depth, especially when gate 48 is activated in the spleen. They do not want to talk about the weather or hear about things that don't matter. They can see into the truth easily, and can feel very bothered by someone not speaking their truth. They desire spending their time in environments that feel deeply nourishing to them, and with people that feel healthy for them to be around. While reflectors need a lot of alone time, they do desire being around others also, but must tune into their boundaries and limits. Because reflectors energies are so variable, it can feel nice to be around more consistent energies from types such as generator and manifesting generators.

Reflectors require patience from others, as they take longer to process decisions and they do not appreciate being rushed. A sense of flow feels really nice to the reflector, just like the moon, they move in cycles. While society often pushes conditioning for all beings to find themselves, for the reflector, it's more about finding the right place they feel well in where they can embrace their reflector nature. Reflectors may find it more appealing to focus on leaning into constant discovery in the moment, over trying to know who they are.

Mechanics & Strategy

Like the projector and manifestor, the reflector does not have their sacral centre activated. In fact, they have no centres or channels activated in the chart. This also means they do not have the same access to energy motors like the other types, they rely more heavily on energy from the collective, those around them and the planets which can help activate different areas in the chart. Without having the sacral centre active, reflectors can also feel like they need to keep up with people but do not have the same energetic capacity and struggle to be consistent. They may also feel lazy and out of place in a world filled with so much sacral energy. It is important for reflectors to understand their strategy and experiment with it in their life.

The reflector strategy is to wait a lunar cycle, which is about 28 days in Human Design. This is very against the grain of our culture that wants immediate answers and struggles to be patient. This strategy is to be used for large life decisions, especially, such as moving cities or entering a new relationship. As previously discussed, the connection reflectors feel to the cosmos can come into play when making a decision. This space the reflector takes can help them see decisions from all sides, sample from different environments, energy and people and get feedback. For reflectors, it's not about getting advice on direction, but more feeling into all the possibilities. It may also be helpful for reflectors to speak with trusted listeners who don't try to get advice, rather get the reflector talking so they can sound board through their decision making. This will help them see their decisions reflected through others. Over time the reflector will gain clarity until there is a deep knowing that something is right (or not) and then they take action.

Signature & Feeling Aligned

When the reflector is honouring their energy and moving into their own alignment, they will experience their signature feeling of surprise - sometimes felt as delight. In this experience, the reflector can see the possibilities that lay ahead. Reflectors are naturally joyous and carefree humans who ebb and flow and when meeting their needs and feeling well in their environment they will express wonder, curiosity and awe. Reflectors can remind themselves that there is always something new to experience or see, which can help keep them open to exploring the depths they so deeply desire.

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Feeling Not-Self

It's not uncommon for reflectors to experience their not-self theme more frequently than their signature feeling. For reflectors, this feels like disappointment. Oftentimes, this feeling comes about when reflectors are pressured into making a decision, or they acted too quickly without waiting a lunar cycle to have clarity. In these situations, they can regret their choices and be disappointed. This can also be felt when reflectors see potential or possibilities and people or experiences do not live up to this. Lastly, when a reflector is in an environment that is not healthy for them, they can become ill but may struggle to have awareness of them as they often reflect outward - consistent energies in their life can assist them in seeing where they may need support from themselves or others.

Lessons & Fears

Reflectors fear always being disappointed or let down, which in turn can cause them to close their aura and not live out their true essence, which is a gift to us all. They also fear small talk or superficial relationships and avoid these whenever possible. Some reflectors can cling onto labels, people and identities which can take them out of their sampling energy - there are here to embrace all energies they sample. The reflector is here to learn their unique work and rest cycle, and understand the intricate balance of alone time versus being in more consistent energies, without taking too much on. Reflectors that can honour their own truth, just as much as they reflect others, know when it is time to leave an environment or quit something they are doing. Also here to learn discernment, reflectors must be aware that their energy amplifies collective energy, and when feeling misaligned or unwell, they must find space and time they can clear the energy they sample.

Understanding the way your energy is best used is a foundational component to embodying your Human Design. If you are looking for support stepping into the full expression of your reflector energy & your full design or want to learn more practical ways to embody this book a 1:1 birth chart reading HERE or explore the new 7-week Embodiment Experiment program HERE.

Reflectors you are the old souls. Connect with nature. Take the time you need. Know that you shine light for others like the moon does for earth. Find depth.

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If you have any questions feel free to comment them below or join the HD Collective community group HERE & connect with other Human Design lovers.

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