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Human Design Energy Type Series: The Manifestor

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

There are 5 human design energy types, each with a unique set of strengths, needs and lessons to learn. Understanding this information can provide clarity in how your energy is felt by others, experienced in your body & ways to work with it, instead of against it.Want to learn more about Human Design before diving into this post? Visit HERE to explore how this modality can be used to care for yourself in a more holistic way. Generate your free chart HERE to find out your energy type.

The Manifestor Change catalyst. Impactful. Self-expression. Intrinsic surges. Freedom to create.

Learning that I was a manifestor back in 2018 truly changed the course of my life. Manifestors make up about 9% of the population, but the universe gifted me with a manifestor mother and best friend - what are the chances?! Slim I think. I know this energy quite well, but I still feel that it's the most misunderstood. Long ago, it was said that this energy type held positions of rulership in monarchies. Our society no longer upholds structures in the same way, so one can imagine how manifestors may be a little lost. Manifestors are being born less and less now also, which means an even greater potential for misunderstanding of the energy. It's also worth noting, that many associate manifestor energy with the word manifesting - in Human Design this concept is a little different than what most people assume. Manifestors hold a "just do it" type of energy that a lot of people admire and wish they also had, but for many manifestors their needs are often overlooked by others and themselves.

The Aura

The aura of the manifestor is quite unique in that it is said to be dense, closed off and repelling. The manifestor could be the kindest person of all time, but their aura felt by others can send a different signal. The closed aspect of the aura is to keep the manifestor in their own energy, expression and on their own creative path. Repelling energies away also helps protect the manifestor, truly, they just want to be left alone until they seek out others. These are not negative things, it's just the way the aura is felt and helpful for the manifestor. For some, this energy can make other auras contract. It's important for the manifestor to remember that the right people is key. Those who understand and resonate with the impact the manifestor has will be attracted to the manifestor, but this will not be everyone. The energy manifestors hold is extremely impactful, and can cause ripples not even they can understand.

Strengths & Gifts

The manifestors are gifted at manifesting things into existence, just as the name would suggest. They have energetic capacity to bring what arrises inside of them to the physical plane when their timing is right. Typically seen as the lone wolf out of the five energy types, this energy does not require that of another in its process. Manifestors enjoy working independently when bringing creative urges to life. Manifestors are truly here to make an impact on those around them, and whether they intend to or not, this can be done quite easily for the manifestor. As discussed above, manifestors often find themselves in leadership positions of some kind, or enjoy work, spaces and relationships that they feel freedom to initiate within. They may also find themselves in non-traditional leadership roles like leading a new invention or leading new ideas or ways of being.

The energy of the manifestor can for short periods, feel explosive, fast and powerful, but it is not sustainable like the generator and manifesting generator types. To the manifestor, this energy is felt in pulses, spurts or impulses that come from within, often called urges or surges, especially with creative energy. Manifestors are naturally connected to the universe and bring to life things often outside of their own consciousness or logical mind. Sometimes, they are left waiting for others to get them or their ideas. Manifestors may be told they are mature beyond their years or ahead of their time, but can also feel alienated and misunderstood.


When a manifestor can truly understand and own their needs, their aura can increase it's impact quite drastically. It's important for manifestors to practice communicating their needs and desires to others, instead of waiting for someone to ask. One of the biggest desires for this energy is freedom. Usually for the manifestor this looks like uninterrupted time when they are in a creative flow or working on initiating an idea or project. They require chunks of time to do as they please as they deeply dislike being interrupted. Because of this, a flexible schedule is key for manifestors which can also help them honour their need for rest between big initiations. Manifestors, although independent, do desire knowing their impact. It can be helpful to let the manifestor know what influence they have had on your path, which fuels them to continue their efforts as it is not always easy for them. Manifestors do not want to play by the rules, and are rebellious at heart. They want to spend time with those that honour them, not feel threatened by their big expression.

Mechanics & Strategy

Like the projector and reflector, the manifestor does not have their sacral centre activated. But, they are still considered an energy type as they have a motor energy centre (root, emotional or heart) connected through a channel to activate their throat centre. Because of these mechanics, the manifestor energy is best used in cycles of big creative surges & deep rest between. Oftentimes, manifestors get caught in trying to force themselves into consistency and finishing all things they initiate. Without the active sacral centre it can be challenging to know when enough is enough. Manifestors can struggle to fit life into nooks and crannies of life, like other types are able, as such, their energy requires large blocks of time and waiting for their right timing when the energy is available. Following their strategy can help clear the resistance they may feel in life.

The manifestor strategy is to inform others, which is the only strategy for people outside of their aura, instead of their own. This looks like the manifestor letting people know what they need, what they are doing or what the plan is. This is not natural for a manifestor to do, and can take a lot of practice. Other types feel more at ease when they know what the impact of the manifestor energy will be, which in turn creates freedom for the manifestor to act. It is key for the manifestor to differentiate informing (which feels like narrating) versus asking for permission (which diminishes their power). If the manifestor does not follow their strategy, they may experience other's trying to control them. It's also important for manifestors to inform others when they change their mind and decide to no longer do something.

The second part of the manifestor strategy is initiating, or taking action after they have informed (and rested). In order to know what initiations are right for manifestors, they must listen to their inner cues & follow their authority. The right timing is very important to all of the energy types. As much as people admire the manifestor energy that from the outside, looks like it can do whatever it wants, many times these initiations are a flop, get rejected, and are difficult to trust. Manifestors must accept not everyone will understand their process.

Signature & Feeling Aligned

Manifestors are constantly moving towards their desire for peace, which is their signature feeling in their design. This is often experienced when they are informing others and clearing the resistance so they can do what they want to do and when. The more freedom a manifestor has, likely the more peace they will feel. It's also imperative that manifestors initiate to have the impact they are here to have. In the moment, this will not always feel peaceful. But, once they feel into the impact of their energy they can feel a deep knowing and feeling of peace while they rest and wait for the next surge. If a manifestor does not have enough of a forward momentum of initiating or if where they put their energy is not aligned, it can feel extremely chaotic in their body.

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Feeling Not-Self

It's not always at the forefront of the emotional experience of the manifestor when they are out of alignment, but their not-self feeling of anger is an indicator they are not honouring their energy. For many manifestors this feeling is masked and may present as feelings of shame, guilt, sadness or fear which can lead to people pleasing tendencies. Society doesn't always accept or embrace anger, further exacerbating the masking that can occur. It is very important for manifestors to explore this theme and notice perhaps how they suppress it. Manifestors may notice anger when they are interrupted or feel stifled by someone's rules or plans.

Due to conditioning and possibly hearing "you can't do that" from other types, especially as children, some manifestors will feel powerless until they are able to decondition false narratives and understand their energy. In lieu of these masked feelings, it's not uncommon for manifestors to get into habits of misaligned workaholism - a lot of work but not having an impact. Because they may amplify sacral energy where they do not have it, they can get stuck being a super-generator. Without having the impact they desires, they may experience apathy or feeling shutdown as if nothing matters that they do.

Lessons & Fears

Learning to express their needs, manifestors can mitigate their not-self theme, but still must explore ways to process their anger safely without masking or before it boils over. They also must learn the difficult lesson of rest, which may come in the form of experiencing burnout at some point in their lives. That said, too much rest can also lead to burnout for this type - so ebbs and flows are key! One of the deepest wounds to heal for manifestors is stepping into their true power. Over time, they may have learned to hide their expression in fear of being too much or being controlled or even having a negative impact on someone. Learning that they are not for everyone helps release their people pleasing tendencies and impact those they are meant to. Rejection is something to be embraced for this type. Lastly, delegating, while often difficult for this type, can help the manifestor feel supported after they have initiated.

Understanding the way your energy is best used is a foundational component to embodying your Human Design. If you are looking for support stepping into the full expression of your manifestor energy & your full design or want to learn more practical ways to embody this book a 1:1 birth chart reading HERE or explore the new 7-week Embodiment Experiment program HERE.

Manifestors please stop dimming your light. The collective is waiting for your creative surges. Let other's know what you need. Go where peace flows.

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If you have any questions feel free to comment them below or join the HD Collective community group HERE & connect with other Human Design lovers.

With so much love,


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